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Since 2002, AWC Networks, LLC (AWC) has provided medical and health-related technology and cost-containment services, notably in the areas of workers’ compensation and risk management. Our blend of experience, advanced technology and niche cost containment services were specifically designed to make measurable improvements and accelerate the ability to make smart, fast decisions within an organization.

Today, AWC has evolved into an innovative leader in the design and custom development of data management systems. Our team of medical and technical experts are trained to clearly identify a company’s business goals and objectives, and create solutions to improve performance and financial health through data analytics.
Predictive Models
Integrated Data Platforms
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One of the biggest challenges in health care today is gaining effective access and understanding of health-related data, and nowhere is that more apparent than now. Medical records and claims, treatment histories and self-reported data - searching for insight in this wealth of information is a great challenge.

AWC Networks, LLC provides insight to organizations seeking transparency through aggressive data analytics. Our suite of products and services are specially designed to help organizations gain access to better information, faster.

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