AWC Networks is an expert in creating custom solutions in healthcare and financial performance. We have designed a suite of products focused in health information management and development and cost containment to help organizations incorporate an improved medical management model that results in a superior level of health care. 

AWC specializes in identifying high cost drivers and the potential savings in healthcare costs. This goal is accomplished with high-level ancillary and ‘best in class’ performance measures. AWC’s powerful iNSIGHT™ data analytics tools, along with our medical management expertise makes finding evidence-based medicine data easier than ever so you can clearly see where the high costs lie, and how they can be reduced or even eliminated.

AWC believes that one of the keys to effective, quality care is to develop methods and specialized programs that are customized to meet an organizations particular need. As a developer of custom solutions, we take pride in developing specialty medical networks that have proven to be successful in reducing medical costs by an average of 39%.